Thursday, May 29, 2014

Is this really what you want your kids reading?

Here's a little warning to the parents or overseers of those I'm writing for:

There's a lot of trash out there.

I spent a little time today doing book searches for "sports fiction". It's always good to know what you're up against. What I found was disturbing to say the least.

One book - and I won't mention the title here - included the "f-word" in the free one-page preview of the book. Actually, the word was used twice. On the first page.

If your kid is interested in sports and you'd like that kid to read more, this is what you're going to find in your own searches. Basically, you have a choice of books that are written for five-year-olds or books that should be described as soft porn.

Don't believe me? Give it a try. While you're there, check out the covers of the books I'm talking about. Shirtless guys dominate most of them.

If I'm erring, it's going to be on the side of the five-year-old.

You're not going to find any adult language or situations in my books. Plainly put, my books are going to be safe for your kid to read.

As parents, my wife and I have raised two extremely gifted readers. The problem with that was finding suitable reading material that would hold their interest. It was a constant struggle of reviewing books before we'd allow them to read.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Coming up

The third book in The Will Stover Sports Series, "Diamond Disaster" is on schedule to be released in paperback by mid-May. It, along with the first two books, "Freshman Phenom" and "Rebound Rival" is already available in e-book form.
The e-books can be found on

Bookstore Talk
"Freshman Phenom" and "Rebound Rival" are now available at the Hastings bookstore in Searcy. Sales of these have been good so far and we're hoping the folks at their corporate office will soon be ordering these for their other stores.

Coming up Next
The yet-untitled fourth book in the series is scheduled to be released in August 2014. The plan now is to have the book ready to go both in e-book and print formats when released. The fifth and sixth books are scheduled to be released in November 2014 and February 2015, respectively.

I've been working on a non-fiction sports book but it's slow going. More on that as I figure out exactly where it's going.

Author Talks
I've recently been able to speak to groups of seventh grade students at Harding Academy and fifth graders at Southwest Middle School. Thanks to those teachers and administrators who made that possible.

E-books on Sale!
All three e-books in The Will Stover Sports Series are on sale through the month of May for $1.99 each. That means anyone can catch up on the series for less than $6.